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Feb 19, 2013

Tue 8:00 PM

695 North Avenue
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  • Murs
  • Curtiss King

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Tue, Feb 19 On Sale: Dec/7

The Road To Paid Dues Tour Featuring:


PROF | Fashawn | Curtiss King | Noa James


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A longtime friend of Definitive Jux leader El-P, rapper Murs first appeared as a solo artist in 2003, after nearly a decade of working with various groups in the underground. Based in Los Angeles, his first single was released in 1993, and came from a self-released album by his first group, 3 Melancholy Gypsies. The track barely made a dent, but it did catch the attention of indie hip-hop fans in the area. Over time, the group members became friends with Mystik Journeymen, who asked 3MG (their shortened name) to join them when they started the Living Legends collective in 1996.

Between both 3MG and the Living Legends, Murs rapped on several influential indie rap albums, appearing on…Read More


Forged from a history of hardship and partying, Prof’s music and career reflect the dichotomy that his life has been. His music chronicles everything he has experienced; from adversities as a child, like his father setting fire to their home or sleeping on a bean bag growing up, to his adult diversions, like his love affair with whiskey and women (in that order). Much the same, his career has also seen this duality. After grinding on the Minneapolis hip-hop scene for over ten years with little to show besides a ravenous fan base, Prof has recently begun to make serious national traction on the back of his unique recordings, video content and must see live shows.

Frequently…Read More


What did you do the year you turned 21? Hip-hop prodigy Fashawn earned a spot on the cover of XXL magazine, toured the world and built a rep as one of rap’s new rising stars.

Fashawn’s debut album, “Boys Meets World,” was heralded by critics and fans alike as one of the best albums of 2009 for its gritty, street-wise and intelligent rhymes. Some even compared his introductory opus to Nas’ brilliant “Illmatic.” It was enough for XXL to name Fashawn to its list of hip-hop’s best freshman.


In 2010 he toured domestically with Wiz Khalifa, then followed that up with a Talib Kweli tour. Fashawn is also no stranger to the…Read More

Curtiss King

In this microwave era of Hip Hop music where materialism, misogyny, and half baked compositions flood the airwaves, somehow Dwan Howard has emerged on the scene as an irresistible and well prepared home cooked meal. Better known by his stage name Curtiss King, the son of a college professor dad and author/pianist mom has managed to make a respectable name for himself in Southern Cali by consistently going against the grain as a rapper and producer. Growing up a very shy young man particularly when attending Curtiss Middle school, he found ways to combat his insecurities by listening to music and getting lost in 90s sitcoms, hence the name: Curtiss KING. Inspired by the likes of Outkast, Sade,…Read More

Noa James

Rapping since the age of 13, Noa James began his musical journey as a successful battle rapper who quickly became known for his brutal punch lines and sharp tongue. After 5 years in the battle circuit, Noa realized that he wanted success as an artist and knew he had a big story to tell. As a young man, Noa experienced more struggles than most people experience in their entire lives, ranging from his mother’s incarceration after abandoning him, living in an orphanage, the deportation of his father, to the most prolific moment in his life; the passing of his grandfather. With this story, Noa decided to enroll in a writing class at a local community college to help transfer his thoughts…Read More

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Murs: Recovering myspace addict. Not adding anyone till I get someone to handle this. Thanks for your patience. I had a long beard til i cut it off, Never home always on tour, strict vegetarian almost vegan but I got a shoe problem. He is the only rapper with his own music festival. Each album he releases sells more than its predecessor. He toured the world without having a major record deal. So, there’s a reason why independent rap stalwart Murs decided to name his major label debut album Murs For President (Love And Rockets). Murs wants to be rap’s leader and spokesperson, the artist who helps give rap a credible face to fans, the media and critics. After all, the Los Angeles rapper is articulate and well read. He doesn’t use drugs and his platform consists of peace, love, unity and having fun. “If you’re going to put idiots like Cam’ron on TV, put me on TV,” Murs says, referring to Cam’ron’s uninformed appearance on 60 Minutes in early 2007. “Let me speak for hip-hop. I’m the one guy who is qualified to represent us to the masses -- which are obviously tired of us because hip-hop can’t sell records. It can only sell ringtones. It’s become a mockery of itself. It’s become club music. For us to lead back into the marketplace and to be a respected art form, I feel that I’m the most qualified person. It’s time for hip-hop to have a change.” From front to back, the eclectic, genre-bending, politically charged, musically adventurous Murs For President illustrates a change of direction for rap. The Rick Rock-produced “Dreadlocks,” for instance, is a hyphy song that will surely earn plenty of burn in clubs and on the radio. Murs also adds a level of sophistication to the future smash, name dropping Marcus Garvey and Haile Selassie in his lyrics with the hope of getting his listeners to do some research on the historical figures. “Everybody has dreads, so I wanted to put out a song to let everyone know what they’re about, and not make it too serious but still slip little things in there,” he says. “So if kids are on the Internet, they’ll know I said Haile Selassie. What is that? From there, they can learn about Ethiopia. I’m still trying to expand and make it practical, not preachy. This is fun, and here’s a little bit of something that can help you expand.” As he has done on his earlier albums -- which include such acclaimed releases as Murray’s Revenge and Murs 3:16 The 9th Edition -- Murs examines his own love life on several Murs For President cuts. The angst-filled “Closure” documents the immediate, often turbulent time when a relationship dissolves, while the soulful “Break Up (The OJ Song)” details the mixed feelings people have once they have some distance from what had been a long-term relationship.

Curtiss King: Far too long sub-genres in Hip-Hop have been split apart like cliques in high school at lunchtime. There once was a time in the not so distant 90s where Hip-Hop of all flavors could rock the same venue, spit on the same remix, and the youth was the only demographic. The average rapper nowadays must answer to whether his music is Underground, Mainstream, Ringtone-ish, Auto-Tune-ish, Southern, Gangster, Hipster, etc, when all along they share a common bond. Southern California artist Curtiss King has coined this bond appropriately as Blog-Hop (blŏg-hop) n.

Curtiss King describes Blog-Hop as the up to date approach to a music industry making a transition to an even more digital age. Blog-Hop is identified by it’s viral song circulation through the form of blog-sites, websites, and downloadable links. Considered the middle ground between all sub-genres of Hip Hop, Blog-Hop is also described as music colossal enough to bring Hip Hop fans together and sound dope even on crappy computer speakers. And better believe Curtiss King has the credentials to represent it right.

Hailing out of Carson California, Rapper/Singer/Producer Curtiss King has pioneered a unique sound with Blog-Hop. Sprinkle in the pot a blend of fresh song concepts, a BEASTLY delivery, a flow smoother than suede on ice, and addictive choruses over arpeggio synthesizers, big drums, and samples from just about any genre… and you’ve got a Curtiss King serving of Blog-Hop. But don’t get it twisted, Blog-Hop is not a ploy for Curtiss King to say he pioneered something. This is rather his attempt to bring that 90’s atmosphere of togetherness back to modern day Hip-Hop, and it’s now even broader audience.

And who better than Curtiss to make that happen? From a multicultural background himself, Curtiss King has a reputation of rocking out with just about any and everybody from all walks of life. He’s been blessed to perform at numerous Top 40 playing venues in Hollywood, Cultural Festivals holding 10,000+, House Parties, Birthday Parties, and numerous college campuses…. As well as Keg Parties ;) ….just to name a few.

With a grassroots movement Curtiss King has just about plastered his name everywhere. Through his production company he’s been able to produce for Up and Comers such as Ab-Soul, Young Rook, Kandi Cole, Dana La Rock, Reign Major, & J-Smooth. Through his own negotiations he has also been able to get his music placed on TV with corporate giants such as MTV2, FUSE TV, and VANS inc.

Blog-Hop is officially the movement to get with…. Curtiss King is the ambassador and everyone is invited. And the people say: Listen 2 it, Love it, Blog It.